VIET HUNG TEXTILE CO., LTD, founded in the 5th November of 2019, basing on the closed loop supply chain management basis. Company’s main products are types of polyester twist yarn, ranging from 16 to 80 Ne.

Until August of 2020, after eight months since the first brick placement, the factory has generally completed phase I, and the operational capacity has reached 220 tons per month, approximately 70% of the project’s plan. Phase II is on developing progress, which expected to be completed and fully operated by the end of June 2021. The expected capacity by the time would be upgraded to 300 tons per month.

Besides, in Viet Hung, operational strategies are always planned based on the criteria of sustainable development. Proud to be one of the leading enterprises in the application of advanced technology, in addition to highly automated equipment, the energy in Viet Hung partially comes from the environmentally friendly source. The solar panel system contributes nearly 40% of the electricity consumption.

Furthermore, the factory cleaning process in Viet Hung is always strictly followed, in order to create high quality products, and create a green-clean-beautiful working environment at the same time.

Currently, with highly experienced staffs within the industry, Viet Hung will develop more innovative products for the sewing thread industry such as Polypoly Core, Nylon, Filament ,… Pleasure to become the most trustworthy partners with customers on all present as well as future.

Total capacity of the whole VIET HUNG is as follows :


  • Now capacity: 220 tons/month
  • 30, June 2021: 300 tons/month


  • 31, December 2021: 30 tons/month


Mr.Ho Thanh Lam/General Director

H/P: +84-903954935

Mr.Huong Thanh Dung/Production Director

H/P: +84-903682886

Mr.Bui Dung/Sales team

H/P: +84-903991107

Mr.Pham Van Trong/Q.A team

H/P: +84-919967280